Client Alert: Federal Reserve Announces Expansion of TALF to Legacy Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities


On May 19, 2009, the Federal Reserve Board announced that, starting in July, certain high quality commercial mortgage-backed securities issued before January 1, 2009 ("Legacy CMBS") will become eligible collateral under the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility ("TALF").  This means that eligible CMBS may be purchased or sold through the TALF program, and marks the first addition of a legacy asset class to the list of eligible TALF collateral.

According to the Federal Reserve, the objective of this expansion is to create liquidity and help determine accurate prices for Legacy CMBS securities and, by doing so, stimulate the expansion of new credit and ease balance sheet pressures on banks and other institutions holding Legacy CMBS securities. 

To be eligible as collateral for TALF loans, the Legacy CMBS must meet the following criteria:

  • The Legacy CMBS must have at least two triple-A ratings from DBRS, Fitch Ratings, Moody's Investor Service, Realpoint or Standard Poor's and must not have a rating below triple-A from any of these rating agencies.  Eligible collateral will not include Legacy CMBS that obtains a triple-A rating based on the benefit of a third-party guarantee.
  • The Legacy CMBS must be senior in payment priority to all other interests in the underlying pool of commercial mortgages.
  • The Legacy CMBS must entitle its holders to payments of principal and interest (that is, it must not be an interest-only or principal-only security). 
  • The issuer of the Legacy CMBS must not be an agency or instrumentality of the United States or a government-sponsored enterprise. 

The general terms and conditions of the TALF program apply to TALF loans that are secured by Legacy CMBS, with the following modifications:  

  • The Federal Reserve Board of New York (the "FRBNY") will have the right to reject any Legacy CMBS as TALF loan collateral based on its own risk assessment.   
  • Each TALF loan secured by Legacy CMBS will have a three-year or five-year maturity, at the election of the borrower.  A three-year TALF loan will bear interest at a fixed rate per annum equal to 100 basis points over the 3-year LIBOR swap rate.  A five-year TALF loan will bear interest at a fixed rate per annum equal to 100 basis points over the 5-year LIBOR swap rate.  
  • The TALF loan amount for Legacy CMBS will be the dollar purchase price of the Legacy CMBS less the base dollar haircut (from par).  The base dollar haircut for Legacy CMBS with an average life of five years or less will be 15% of par.  For Legacy CMBS with average lives beyond five years, base dollar haircuts will increase by one percentage point of par for each additional year of average life beyond five years.   
  • A TALF borrower must agree not to exercise any voting, consent or waiver rights under Legacy CMBS without the consent of the FRBNY. 

The FRBNY may limit the volume of TALF loans secured by Legacy CMBS and is considering whether to allocate this volume via auction or other procedure.  The FRBNY is also in the process of establishing other requirements that will apply to Legacy CMBS.

For a complete term sheet for the expansion of the TALF to Legacy CMBS, please visit  
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