Employees Sue Education Corporation of America For Violating The Warn Act


Several employees have sued Education Corporation of America and its wholly-owned subsidiaries for closing and laying them off without any notice in violation of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Delaware because ECA is incorporated there. The employees worked throughout the country at ECA for-profit schools including Brightwood Career Institute, Virginia College, Brightwood College, Ecotech Institute, and Golf Academy of America. Debi Townsend, Holly Daniels, Jennifer Gervais, Shelley Henderson, and Chelsea Smith worked at various ECA schools around the country and allege that they were abruptly terminated without notice earlier this week. The complaint alleges that hundreds of employees that were laid off as a result of the closure.

Charles A. Ercole and Sally E. Veghte of Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg, LLP in Philadelphia represent the employees (in addition to the five named Plaintiffs, the firm has been contacted and retained by many more employees). Mr. Ercole said, “This clearly violates the WARN Act and nothing that we have learned so far in our investigation indicates that the company has any valid defenses. We hope to recover 60 days wages and benefits for the employees as required by WARN.” If you have any questions, you can contact Mr. Ercole at and you can find more information about Klehr’s WARN Act practice at